We are happy to announce that some of the popular contest loggers will support EUDX CONTEST.

Already supported by:

N1MM Logger+ (TNX Les, G4OGB and Nick, NA3M)

Entrants will need to download EUDXC.zip and install the files directly in the software folders (for N1MM only)


Files to be used should be copied/extracted to….Users\username(My )Documents\N1MM Logger+\
Sec(tion) files to….\SupportFiles
UDC files to….\UserDefinedContests

Don’t forget to enter YOUR Sent Exchange info if different from default.

N1MM call history (partial)

DXLog.net – Contest logger (TNX Björn, SM7IUN)

DXLog call history (partial)

New database for the upcoming EUDXC available. You install it by clicking File->Update contest with an EUDXC log open

TR4W (TNX Howie, N4AF)

SD by EI5DI (TNX Paul, EI5DI)

QARTest (TNX Paolo, IK3QAR)

RUMlogNG (TNX Thomas, DL2RUM)

UcxLog (TNX Ben, DL7UCX)

Win-Test (TNX Laurent, F6FVY)

Russian Contest Log (RCL)

files configuration for RCL